Bock's Juke Joint

Bock's Jukejoint is a place built from inspiration by Stefan and Stacey Bock for the love of celebrating life.

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In Amherst, Ohio, it was built in 2015 out of almost all recycled materials. Four barns were torn down to provide this whimsical structure with wood 150 years old. A few special friends helped us with the construction of our vision.

We met a local musical band that took us on a journey and changed our lives forever. This barn has become a magical spot for music and music lovers to connect. It was our goal to create an atmosphere of sights and sounds without the distractions of your typical bar scene. It is like a listening room with a dance floor. 

This is actually a private home. We serve no food or alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own. We do ask sometimes to help us tip a band or two on occasion.

We hope to continue this amazing journey.

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Thank you to those who believe and support our dream. We hope you enjoy the experience.